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The Ultimate Triumph An Unsullied Ocean.

Robotics will transform maritime maintenance and biofouling prevention on a scale surpassing the innovations seen in autonomous vehicle technology on our roads.

Nautica Robotics is launching HYDRA©, our advanced robotic fleet, designed to navigate autonomously beneath the waves, requiring no GPS or manual oversight.

HYDRA© will keep your vessels biofouling-free anytime, anywhere. We unlock the true potential of durable hard coatings, steering the maritime industry towards a sustainable, chemical-free future. 

Our vision is to safeguard marine ecosystems and enhance ship efficiency with Swiss precision-engineered systems. 

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Unseen, But Ever-Present

The Persistent Threat of Biofouling

Biofouling poses a constant challenge to maritime operations, affecting speed, fuel efficiency, and the spread of invasive species.

Toxic Anti-Fouling Paint

Traditionally antifouling paints are used that harm the marine ecosystem. We enable clean hulls without toxic chemicals.

Invasive Species

Biofouling on ships’ hulls is a major pathway for the spread of invasive species. Our robotic solutions proactively prevent these hitchhikers, protecting local ecosystems and reducing the risk of ecological imbalance.

Higher Fuel Consumption

Biofouling increases resistance in the water, leading to higher fuel consumption and emissions. Nautica’s robotic technology streamlines hull maintenance, allowing for more efficient voyages and lower fuel usage.

Higher Downtime

Traditional cleaning methods often require significant vessel downtime. Nautica Robotics’ automated systems operate autonomously, minimizing the need for dry dock maintenance and keeping vessels in service.

Not Just another Gadget.

Combatting the Hidden Adversary of the Seas

In the unforgiving marine environment, vessels constantly face the hidden adversary of biofouling. This challenge isn’t just about cleanliness—it’s about delivering a solution that withstands the harsh oceanic elements. Nautica Robotics rises to this challenge with HYDRA©, our robust, AI-driven swarm robotics solution. 

Engineered for durability and efficiency only known by Swiss engineering, they work autonomously to maintain hull integrity without the harm of antifouling paint’s chemicals. From the flat bottom to the vertical sides and soon also the propeller, 

HYDRA© robots ensure consistent, reliable performance. They’re not just gadgets; they are stalwart defenders of maritime sustainability.

OceanMind©-powered Robots

A Clean Vessel.
Anytime, Anywhere.

Harnessing the power of advanced robotics, Nautica Robotics offers a versatile solution to marine biofouling. Our goal is to give you peace of mind, where biofouling becomes a thing of the past.


Our robots, powered by our proprietary AI, OceanMind©, deliver efficient hull maintenance across the globe. Without the need for GPS or manual intervention, our robots ensure an always clean hull. This is achieved by extremely soft brushes which tackle the biofouling at the earliest possible stage. We can thereby ensure the longevity and peak performance of maritime vessels. 


We are here to set new standards in maritime vessel maintenance. No more downtime, cutting emissions, and fostering sustainable practices at sea. All by leveraging Swiss Engineering exellence to gurantee a robust robotic system.

OceanMind©-powered Autonomous Robots

How It Works

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1. Vessel Halts

Our robots are designed for the unpredictable seas. Whether it’s a scheduled stop or an unexpected pause, our technology ensures that every halt is an opportunity for maintenance, planned or not.

2. Robots Deploy

With the push of a button, our robots come to life, deploying autonomously to tackle the early stages of biofouling. This instant mobilization means our robotic fleet can begin their meticulous work promptly, ensuring no time is wasted.

3. Robots Retract

Following a complete cleaning cycle, our robots automatically retract, docking themselves for recharging and data syncing. This automated retrieval process is designed for efficiency and ensures our robots are ready for their next deployment.

Nautica Robotics


We are a Swiss startup, formed by alumni from ETH Zurich and Lausanne, specializing in underwater drones and software development. Our expert team has been dedicated to creating innovative solutions for the maritime industry. Nautica Robotics has engineered the most advanced robotics solution with our autonomous swarm of robots, controlled by our proprietary AI, OceanMind©. This groundbreaking technology revolutionizes hull maintenance by providing efficient, proactive cleaning, also known as hull grooming, which is crucial in combating marine biofouling. Our solution offers a safer, more cost-effective alternative to traditional cleaning methods with minimal infrastructure requirements and versatile deployment capabilities, making it ideal for environmentally conscious shipping companies, both ship owners, and charterers.

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